Percep is an Independent Service Provider, specialises in procurement outsourcing, with the aim to assist Companies in sourcing products and/or manufacturers in China and Asian regions.

Percep cooperated with more than 10 Production Factories in China for trading and outsourcing. To date, Percep has supplied products to UK, Europe and Middle East. Over the years, Percep has achieved considerable standard and professionalism to ensure client’s confidentiality and satisfaction are adhere to.

Besides, negotiating for the best deal and suitable Factory, Percep will conduct Factory Audit, Pre-Production Inspection, On Production Inspection, Pre-Shipment Inspection on your behalf, to ensure shipments are delivered with accordance with the contacts. Our scopes of services include Factory Audit, Product Development, Procurement, Quality Inspection and Logistic. 

The biggest advantages is that Percep, with her years of knowledge in the industry, can assist you to the Asian markets. Hence, Percep invite you to consider Trading, Outsourcing and/or Contract Manufacturing as an alternative solution to enhance your productivity and profitability.



Percep with likeminded Corporate Leaders, Professional Counsellors and Charitable Organisations adds humane values to society in providing Training and Counselling to the community.

The aims are to educate and train young executives to be better leaders and parents for the next generation. Our training includes topics related to Work Etiquettes, Work Skills Improvements, and Family Matters.

In the area of counselling, we counsel those who are facing difficulties in Work related issues and Family issues.

Percep represented several major manufacturers in UK, Europe and Asian Countries in providing HVAC and Fire Related Products to the Building and Construction Industry.

In particular, Percep would like to introduce the below manufacturers whose products are widely used in the Building and Construction Industry, namely:


Doby Verrolec - Market leader and manufacturer of Ductwork Jointing Systems within the Aircon and Ventilation sector of the Building and Construction Industry. Beside the Flanges for Airduct Joints, Doby Verrolec also manufacturer wide range of other accessories use within the Aircon and Ventilation Sectors of the Building and Construction Industry.  Doby Verrolec Flange Systems comply with SMACA and HVAC DW 144- DW/TM1 Specifications.

 EMAK – Engineering Company known for her supply of Metro Fans and Jet Fans for underground Rail and Road Tunnel Ventilation Systems. EMAK follows the newest technologies, standards and is certified to produce Tunnel and Jet Fans in her own factory, under BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Product and Service Quality. EMAK fully reversible tunnel and metro fans are manufactures for high temperatures (200°C-300°C-400°C) tested by internationally known test standards and organizations. EMAK production line also covers high quality secondary systems such as smoke dampers, silencers, electric control boards and sophisticated control systems SCADA and accessories


Percep International, established in Y2002, specialises in Engineering, Trading, Outsourcing and Contract Manufacturing of HVAV and Fire Related Products for the Building and Construction Industry.

Besides co-operating  with Major manufacturers in UK, Europe, Middle East and Asian Countries, Percep has co-operated with more than 10 Production Factories in China for Trading, Outsourcing and Contract Manufacturing.

Percep aims to provide  high quality products to customer base on Integrity, Service and Excellence.

Percep will continue to offer innovative and quality product to add values to our clients.

Percep also add humane values to society by teaming up with likeminded Corporate Leaders, Professional Counsellors and Charitable Organisations to provide training, counselling and soft skills to the community.