Trading – Outsourcing



Percep is an Independent Service Provider, specialises in procurement outsourcing, with the aim to assist Companies in sourcing products and/or manufacturers in China and Asian regions.

Percep cooperated with more than 10 Production Factories in China for trading and outsourcing. To date, Percep has supplied products to UK, Europe and Middle East. Over the years, Percep has achieved considerable standard and professionalism to ensure client’s confidentiality and satisfaction are adhere to.

Besides, negotiating for the best deal and suitable Factory, Percep will conduct Factory Audit, Pre-Production Inspection, On Production Inspection, Pre-Shipment Inspection on your behalf, to ensure shipments are delivered with accordance with the contacts. Our scopes of services include Factory Audit, Product Development, Procurement, Quality Inspection and Logistic. 

The biggest advantages is that Percep, with her years of knowledge in the industry, can assist you to the Asian markets. Hence, Percep invite you to consider Trading, Outsourcing and/or Contract Manufacturing as an alternative solution to enhance your productivity and profitability.